Plug and Play Installation - Instructional Videos and drawings make your install fast & EASY! Factory stereo system. Make sure you reconnect the white clip that gives power to the door and the cables if you removed those as well. This is not the official list of “best” mods as there is no one specific mod out there for each and every person.Every owner is going to have different needs and different goals.When buying accessories an… Plug & Play Amplifiers - to fit different budget levels and sound volume preferences! //console.log(new_url); REAR 6.5" 2-WAY COAXIAL SPEAKER Adds four speakers to 4Runner sound reproduction: Rear Doors (2) + Rear Hatch (2) Tonally matched to the front speakers; providing seamless reinforcement for every listener. var setwidth = 640; We recommend prepping the following items the day before you begin your…, Toyota 4Runner Subwoofer Box Ported Fiberglass 12 inch Toyota 4Runner Subwoofer Box Ported Fiberglass 12 inch was designed to provide a lot of bass without…, Toyota 4Runner Audio System Comparison – OPEN, 2016 Toyota 4Runner Stereo System Upgrade San Antonio TX, 2017 Toyota 4Runner Stereo System Upgrade San Antonio TX, Toyota 4Runner System 1 Installation Instructions – NON JBL, Toyota 4Runner Subwoofer Box Ported Fiberglass 12 inch. Select from our Complete audio system upgrades designed for your Toyota 4Runner below: Or CLICK HERE to build your own system using our 4Runner Audio System Plug and Play harnesses, amps & other options. Driver’s Side: Reinstall the factory speaker mounts using 10mm socket. $("a#6008089453a47").attr('href', new_url); The stock speakers aren't bad, there is just a HUGE gap in response between the doors and dash. I am borrowing a chart here from the 4Runner group I am a member of and hoping to simplify the thread on there which goes on forever and ever. One of my only complaints with the 4Runner is the green lights everywhere on the dash and other backlit areas. Everything was considered when designing Our Quick-Sync Wiring Harness. Our drop-in speaker replacements offer superior dynamics, blending and low frequency response. Rear / Cargo Door(s) are upgraded to a coaxial speaker(s) designed to work in your Toyota 4Runner. }); This level of design and engineering allows us to replace the stock speakers with complete drop-in speaker replacements that deliver seamless, full-range, detailed sound reproduction of instruments and voices without localizing the speakers - a trait commonly associated with fine high-end home audio speakers. Our speakers were honed out of a rigid performance criteria akin to how high-end audio loudspeakers are designed. /*

3rd gen 4runner speaker upgrade 2021